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Boot Camp Programs: Kick Start Your Workout Regimen

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Bikini season will be here before you know it – are you ready? If you’re like us and have been succumbing to winter’s yummiest comfort foods without working it off, you may need some help getting back into shape. One great way to do that is through a boot camp.  All over the country you can find boot camp programs that use military-style routines and tactics to give you workouts that rival Celebrity Fit Club and The Biggest Loser. Though you may have a tough time moving the next day, the results are so worth it. Here are a few programs around the country to check out:

Atlanta: Operation Bootcamp
Austin & Dallas, TX: Camp Gladiator
Chicago: Bulldog Boot Camp
Los Angeles: Extreme Boot Camp
New York: Pure Power Boot Camp
Philadelphia: Platoon Fitness

Have you ever done a boot camp program? Tell us about your experience here…


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Erykah Badu’s “Window Seat”: Artistic or Obscene?

Erykah Badu’s new video is causing quite a stir. In the video for her new song, “Window Seat,” she strips down in broad daylight in downtown Dallas right near Dealey Plaza – where JFK was assassinated. Erykah may not be one to go along with status quo, but this seemed particularly bold. So we ask you, Vyne readers, do you think this was art or obscene? By the way, you can see the full video on Erykah’s website or here on


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Congratulations to the Tracy Reese Dress Giveaway Winner!

We have a winner of the Tracy Reese dress giveaway. Congratulations to Brittni G. who was randomly selected to win the beautiful dress! Enjoy, Brittni!

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Let the Sunshine In!

Yellow is a great color. Not only is it a happy color that make things brighter, it also looks great on darker skin tones. Check out these fabulous yellow dresses whether you’re petite, curvy, or somewhere in between.

1. Chetta B Printed Dress
2. Tahari by ASL Printed Brocade
3. Taylor Dresses Pleat Detail Jacquard Sheath Dress

4. Eliza J Sleeveless Sleeveless Dress
5. Necessary Objects Puff Sleeve Ruffle Wrap Dress
6. Silk Scoopneck Dress


7. Maggie London Stretch Satin Sheath Dress
8. INC Short Sleeve Embroidered Shift
9. INC Belted Short Sleeve Silk Ruffle

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Easter Dinner Menu That’s Sure to Please

Don’t know what to cook for Easter dinner? Don’t fret; check out this menu of delectables that is sure to please.

1. Lamb Chops Sizzled with Garlic

2. Spinach Salad with Oranges and Warm Goat Cheese

3. Sweet Potato Biscuits

4. Pancetta Wrapped Asparagus

5. Honey Glazed Carrots

6. Scalloped Potatoes with Creme Fraiche

7. Easter Flower Cupcakes


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Put A Ring On It?

All last year choruses of women raised their left hands to sing along with Beyonce that “if he liked it then he shoulda put a ring on it!” Even the Chipettes got in on the action. Whether it’s a solitaire or surrounded by baguettes, diamonds have maintained the reputation of being a girl’s best friend, especially when it comes to proposals.  Jewelry companies pander to the fantasies of women that if he really means it, if he really loves you, he’ll give you a big, fat “fill in the blank brand” diamond.  It’s practically second nature to ask about “the ring” when you hear one of your friends has gotten engaged. Many a nose has turned up at the sight of a cloudy, tiny, speck of a ring. For some the ring symbolizes a well thought out plan to commit and invest in a sustaining relationship. Some prefer to shop for the ring with their partner while others prefer to be surprised. But what if your significant other doesn’t have the money for a ring?

Unless you’re filthy rich, the current economic “slow down” in America has undoubtedly impacted your lifestyle in some way, shape or form.  I recently had a conversation with a sociologist friend of mine and he insisted that no woman would accept a proposal without a ring, particularly black women. He shared a few thoughts, to which I countered that if a woman feels truly loved and committed to by her partner, she would understand if he couldn’t afford a ring and would likely accept the proposal anyway. But maybe that’s just me…Vyne readers, what do you think. Would you accept a proposal from the person you love without a ring?


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Up Your Cool Quotient

Apple iPad

There’s nothing like a little technology to make your life easier and the cool factor doesn’t hurt either. Here are a few items we have our tech savvy eyeballs on that you may want to check out too:

1)  Electric Wine Opener – Because who wants to wrestle with a cork?

2) Portable Document and Photo Scanner – Say goodbye to the days of, “can I make a copy of that?”

3) Apple iPad – Think your iphone on steroids (minus the pesky interruption of phone calls)

4) Apple iPhone charger case – Don’t get caught without power for your iPhone again

5) Hot/Cold cup keeper for your Desk– No more cold coffee/tea or luke warm water thats supposed to be cold

6) Personal Movie Theater – Take this on your next international flight and you’ll be able to enjoy watching movies of your choice

7) Roomba – Vacuum your floors at the touch of a button without even breaking a sweat. Perfect for when you’re receiving “last minute” company and need to get ready quickly. Now you can simply start this puppy up and continue with your “get ready” routine all at the same time!

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