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Up Your Cool Quotient

Apple iPad

There’s nothing like a little technology to make your life easier and the cool factor doesn’t hurt either. Here are a few items we have our tech savvy eyeballs on that you may want to check out too:

1)  Electric Wine Opener – Because who wants to wrestle with a cork?

2) Portable Document and Photo Scanner – Say goodbye to the days of, “can I make a copy of that?”

3) Apple iPad – Think your iphone on steroids (minus the pesky interruption of phone calls)

4) Apple iPhone charger case – Don’t get caught without power for your iPhone again

5) Hot/Cold cup keeper for your Desk– No more cold coffee/tea or luke warm water thats supposed to be cold

6) Personal Movie Theater – Take this on your next international flight and you’ll be able to enjoy watching movies of your choice

7) Roomba – Vacuum your floors at the touch of a button without even breaking a sweat. Perfect for when you’re receiving “last minute” company and need to get ready quickly. Now you can simply start this puppy up and continue with your “get ready” routine all at the same time!


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Our Favorite iPhone Applications

iPhone DesktopAs a long-time user (Kailei) and a new user (Keesha), neither of us can get enough of our iPhones. Not only can we access email, surf the web, listen to our music, and — oh yeah– make phone calls, but there are also a ton of applications for just about any use you can think of. Here are a few of our favorites (and all except the Scrabble app are free!):
1. NY Subway Map: Just like it sounds – a map of the New York subway system.

2. HopStop: Gives you subway/train, bus, walking and taxi directions from most major cities (including New York, San Francisco, DC, Chicago and London).

3. Urbanspoon: Restaurant finder that can give you restaurant options near you using your internal GPS. The coolest feature: shake your phone to get it to randomly select a restaurant for you.

4. myLite: Turns your iPhone screen into a flashlight.

Social Networking

5. Facebook: Keep up with the best features from Facebook with a great user interface.  You can even upload and post pictures.

6. TweetDeck: Tweet, keep up with those you follow, and organize your Twitter friends in groups.  You can even manage multiple Twitter accounts.

7. Amazon Kindle: Turns your iPhone into a book reader. You can purchase books from Amazon and read it on your phone. Even better, you can “sample” any book Amazon carries (usually the first chapter).

8. iHeartRadio: Listen to numerous radio stations from all over the country. Not all are available, but if you are a fan of V103 or WGCI in Chicago, Power 105.1 in NY, Hot 92.3 in LA, or WDAS or Power99 in Philly – you’re in luck!

9. Pandora: The most intelligent internet radio we’ve seen. Just like Pandora.com, you can create a station around your favorite artist or song and manage your list of stations.

10. Shazam: Have you ever heard a song on the radio and not know who sings it? Launch Shazam and put your iPhone to the speaker and it will tell you the artist and album.

11. NY Times: Check out latest headlines from NYTimes.com and browse pictures and sections. Once you download the content, you can browse the information even without a signal. It has been a little buggy lately, but when it works, it’s a good user experience.

12. AP Mobile News Network: Gives you access to local and national news as well as weather. Sign up for news alerts and they will text you with breaking news right as it happens (you can find out even before it hits the Facebook and Twitter!).

13. Style.com: OK, not exactly “news,” but this is a snapshot of some of the most popular sections of Vogue’s Style.com. Some of the best features: pictures from fashion industry parties and the latest fashion shows.

14. Scrabble: Plays just like the board game and you can even sync to another player’s iPhone through wifi and play against them in real time.

15.Cubes Lite: Fun cube crashing game to pass the time away. Reminiscent of Tetris

16. Bowl Lite: Skee Ball for the iPhone. Cheesy electric music helps you get that authentic arcade experience.

Tell us: What are your favorite iPhone or other smartphone applications?


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