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Spotlight On: Connie Lindsey

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“Find where your passion, your gifts, and your talent connect. Maybe it’s something that was born out of your youth or a business issue, but once you connect those things together…you can have such a large impact.”Connie Lindsey

Forty years ago, not even Connie Lindsey could have imagined that she would one day lead the organization she had just joined. A successful businesswoman and the highest ranking volunteer of the Girl Scouts of America, Connie has proven what can happen when you’re disciplined, confident, and use your gifts to make a difference.

Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Connie came from humble beginnings. Though she grew up in an inner city housing project, she was taught strong values from her family, church members, and community. It was through her church that she became involved with the Girl Scouts. Though her family could not afford the uniform required from the troop organized by her church, neither the church nor the troop leader would let that become an inhibitor to her joining the organization. So at 11 years old, Connie became a Girl Scout. She remembers, “our troop leader, instilled confidence in me, saying, “Young lady, YOU MATTER. And don’t let anybody tell you that you don’t.” It was this strong foundation that never left her, and she never left the Girl Scouts either.

After high school, Connie attended the University of Wisconsin where she obtained a B.A. in finance. She started her career in the telecommunications industry with Wisconsin Bell. From there she went to Ameritech where she worked in several finance and accounting roles including working as an Assistant Treasurer for the Ameritech Foundation. In 1993 she joined The Northern Trust Company of Chicago. Over the past nearly 17 years with Northern Trust, Connie has moved up the ranks, making a tremendous impact along the way. She became the first African American female to reach the Executive Vice President level in 2006 and, in 2009, became the EVP of Corporate Sustainability. In this newly created role she is responsible for creating and executing the company’s global Social Responsibility efforts.

While Connie was climbing the corporate ladder, she did not stop serving her community. She has volunteered with and served on boards of several non-profit organizations. In 2008 she was elected President of the Board of Directors for the Girl Scouts of America, where she is responsible for strategic guidance on policy direction, management and fundraising for this 98-year-old organization with over 3 million members.
With a resume like hers, it’s not surprising that she has received countless honors. Her awards and accolades include Chicago United’s Business Leaders of Color Award, the Alpha Kappa Alpha Women Changing the World Award, Northern Trust’s Chairman’s Diversity Award, the YWCA Leaders of Color Award, Chicago Defender Women of Excellence Award, and Ebony magazine’s 2010 “Power 150” list of influential African Americans. Just recently, the N’Digo Foundation also recognized her for making a positive impact in the community and the world. But through it all, Connie remains humble and focused on serving her community.
Connie Lindsey shows us the possibilities of working with purpose. We can’t help but look forward to more great things to come from her career and community leadership.


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1 Skirt, 3 Great Looks

1 Taupe Skirt, 3 Looks
Though pricey, look at how versatile this Stella McCartney skirt is. You can easily take it from spring to fall and day to night. Check out where you can find these pieces by clicking on the picture.

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The Princess & The Frog: A Commentary on SBFs

Last weekend, me and a good girlfriend decided to indulge the “little girl” in ourselves by going to see “The Princess and the Frog”. We settled in with our popcorn and store bought vitamin waters, ready to share a few giggles over a typical Disney storyline. Much to our surprise we were treated to way more than just a few giggles. I can’t count how many times throughout the film we looked over at each other, stunned to see that somehow Disney had found a way to tap into the essence of black women through a cartoon frog. Everything from Tiana working hard to save her money so that she could become an entrepreneur to handling the curve ball life through her way (a la turning into a frog), it was refreshingly funny and ironic that this accurate portrayal of black women came in the form of a frog.  Take for instance the fact that when she became a frog and was whisked away to the bayou with her frog prince, she not only saved him from getting eaten but she got up extra early the next morning, built a boat out of sticks and bark, woke him up and commenced to rowing the boat down the bayou herself. All of this happened while her soon to be frog prince sat idly by on his hind legs watching her do all the work. What really had us roaring laughing was watching this froggy interpretation of ourselves make a full blown tasty gumbo out of whatever was accessible in the bayou and then teaching her frog prince how to mince. There were so many themes, undertones and parallelisms that we left the theater literally shocked. I believe our exact words were, “wow….Disney actually got it right!” This was the fairytale little brown girls and single brown women alike have been waiting to see. Don’t believe me? Go check out the film and let us know…did you see yourself on screen?


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What’s Old is New Again: Recession Friendly Decorating Tips

By Melissa Bowman

Are you looking for ways to brighten and change up some areas around your home? Below are a few budget friendly tips that are easy to execute and sure to give your shelves and walls some new pizazz.

  1. Display last season’s handbag or an evening shoe as the cute and unexpected. We all have shoes that we rarely wear or an adorable little handbag that most never see. (If you don’t give one of your friends a call, as I’m sure she could loan something out to you.) Consider displaying some of this rarely seen fabulous finds as the new decorative item on a bookshelf, wall, or space above a set of cabinets.
  2. Use old wall calendars or holiday cards as pictures for a frame. Most cards will fit nicely in a 5×7 frame, so no cutting is necessary.  You may, however, have to shrink down the calendar picture on a copy machine in order to fit an existing frame.
  3. Frame old wrapping paper or fabric swatches. Like the tip above, you may have to do some cutting to make this work. You can also layer a few fabric swatches in order to fill the space in your frame.
  4. Fill clear bottles with items you may already have around the house. Here are a few items that will look great in a glass bottle or vase: red pepper flakes, hair beads, classic #2 pencils, coffee, tea, sunflower seeds, paper clips, dry beans, ribbon or old crayons. You can also pick up the glass bottles at a local discount or second hand store.

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Spotlight On: Robin Givhan

Her columns have been described as pointed and funny to controversial and insightful. She has taken commenting on style to a whole new level and her columns are more than just an exercise in reviewing an outfit but rather an eloquent awareness of political and pop culture infused with a biting satire. She is Robin Givhan, fashion editor for The Washington Post.

A native of Detroit, MI, Robin Givhan’s flair for the academic was evident during her high school years when she graduated as class valedictorian for Renaissance High School in 1982. Shortly after high school she relocated to New Jersey to attend the prestigious Princeton University where she majored in English. Following her undergraduate career, Robin went on to pursue her graduate studies at the University of Michigan where she received a masters degree in journalism.

Robin’s academic pursuits were the perfect preparation for the successful career she set out to achieve. She began her career writing for the Detroit Free Press where she was a general assignments reporter covering night clubs and reviewing B-list movies for the entertainment section. Over time, she became a feature writer and may her foray into the fashion beat. Robin stayed with the Detroit Free Press for upwards of seven year, leaving only for a brief stint to write for the San Francisco Chronicle.

In 1995, Robin accepted a position to cover the fashion industry for The Washington Post and here is where she has made her mark over the past 10 years. In 2006, she was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for criticism, the first for a fashion writer. She has penned essay after critical essay commenting on the attire of such notable figures as former Vice President Dick Cheney who attended a ceremony in 2005 commemorating the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz wearing a bulky, dark green parka. Givhan wrote, “It’s the kind of attire one typically wears to operate a snow blower…. Here he was wearing something that visually didn’t symbolize to me the level of solemnity and respect that I thought a service like this demanded… He was representing the American people. I don’t want to be represented by someone in, you know, a parka who looks like he’s at a Green Bay Packer game.” Likewise, her commentary for current then Senator Hillary Clinton was equally biting when she described her v-neckline attire as  “unnerving” and “startling,” especially for a woman “who has been so publicly ambivalent about style, image and the burdens of both.” She added, “[I]t was more like catching a man with his fly unzipped. Just look away!”

Most recently, Robin has taken up residence in the D.C. area to cover the fashion of the First Lady, Michelle Obama and has even released a book entitled “Michelle: Her First Year as First Lady”. Though her critiques have not always been positive, it seems Robin is exercising a level of decorum and respect when speaking of the First Lady (as well she should). Take a look at her article written last year commenting on the First Lady wearing shorts and let us know what you think.

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Date Older Men: The Answer to a Single Girl’s Problems?

All too often we hear from men in the media (a la comedian Steve Harvey) that the answer to a single, thirtysomething woman’s dating woes is to date older men because they know how to treat you, they have learned their lessons early on and their maturity level is a better fit. On the surface, this seems to make sense. But recently I was out to dinner at a swanky restaurant with a good girlfriend of mine. About half-way into our meal, the waiter comes over with two glasses of wine courtesy of the “distinguished gentleman sitting at the table over there”. So out of gratitude we raised the glasses and from afar said thank you. About 20 minutes later the waiter comes back to ask for our names and where we were from, on behalf of the “distinguished gentleman sitting at the table over there”. Long story short, they eventually decided to speak directly to us but only after introducing themselves with their titles first (e.g. CEO of this, VP of that, etc.). While certainly an impressive group of men, we found it interesting that they would choose this as their approach. The whole situation prompted me to think about whether or not dating older men is really the answer for single thirtysomething women. Do older men think younger women are interested in status? Is it safe to assume that “older men” have unpacked all of their emotional baggage or are their insecurities, issues, etc. just as prominent as younger men’s? Older…younger…is it all just a crap shoot? Let us know what you think!


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Yay or Nay? Michelle Obama’s New Haircut

Michelle Obama has a new bob haircut. What do you think?

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