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Travel Tips for Jet Setters

Now more than ever, women are taking on careers that require them to live and/or travel domestic and abroad on a regular basis. With security measures continuing to tighten, the experience of traveling can sometimes be a bit stressful. So we asked some of our loyal Vyne Readers, who jet set regularly, to share with us their tips that make travel run smoothly and stress free. Take a read and let us know what your travel tips are too!

“I print out my boarding pass at home and check the board for gate changes before [walking through] security. I [also] ask for bottled water (kindly) as I pass through first class.  Then I don’t have to worry about an open cup or when then the flight attendants will serve the drinks.” – Steffanie Edwards, Energy Consultant.

“When I travel internationally, I take advantage of the long flights and sleep!!! If I am not asleep, I make sure I have my iPod, good reading materials and crossword puzzles. Singapore has one of the best [airports]! They are also the best airline (next to Southwest). Every time I travel, it’s an experience and I love it!! If you get a chance to go to Bali, Indonesia, do so!! It is paradise and usually you have to stay overnight in Singapore. I would suggest scheduling your flight from there to Bali later in the day so you can enjoy the beautiful city. [Lastly], if you miss your flight, don’t sweat it – it means you probably needed the time and God had that in your plan.” -Dr. Cheryl Richardson, President, CBR Consulting, LLC

“Pack a lightweight outfit in your carry-on in case luggage is lost. Vacuum sealing clothes is a great option, but rolling (depending on luggage size) may be a better option. If traveling by yourself, send out a call for friends of friends who are locals and may be up for a meet-up. Email a scanned copy of your passport to yourself and a friend in case it gets lost. Always pack a small flashlight. …and talk to strangers.” -Melissa Creary

“Being the lady that I am :-), I always travel with 2 pashminas. I use these as blankets because I wouldn’t dare use those icky plane-provided blankets! I also ensure my carry-on has the essentials: napkins, tissue, ear plugs, eye mask, headphones, socks, hand sanitizer, lotion and snacks. Whew, I think that’s all.” -LeRon McKendrick

My strongest suggestions…pack ahead so you don’t forget anything. Weigh your bag before you get to the airport to avoid overage charges. Become part of the main mileage programs – One World, Star Alliance or Sky Team to ensure you get credit for your travel. All those miles add up to great perks!” -Karen Brown

“ Who has time to fumble with printed itineraries? I don’t. I travel to Antigua once a month and my time is precious. So I use Worldmate. It’s a free application that allows you to log in your trips, shows you the weather for where you’re arriving, allows you to book hotel/cars/etc., gets you great discounts, tells you the terminal where you will arrive, and much more. You can even book meetings and sync it with your outlook calendar. The application is free and is available for blackberry, iphone, nokia, android.” -Lynnise P. Asst Director of Financial Aid

“I recently discovered that if you put your laptop in a microfiber laptop sleeve you don’t have to take it out before putting in the bins to run through security. This way it saves you the step of having to unpack it and it stays protected.” – Veronica R., Marketing Manager

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Grown Up Girls Weekend in NYC: Part 2

Last week we gave you an itinerary for an Empire State of Mind girls’ weekend in NYC. This week we’re giving you Part 2 – for “girls who just want to have fun” and want to live it up like they’re Carrie, Samantha and the gang. Just because you’re not 25 anymore doesn’t mean that you don’t want to be in “the scene” just a little bit.

Itinerary #2: Sangria, Shopping, SoHo and the City
Friday Night:
Dinner @ Buddakan – Located in the Meatpacking District, this Modern Asian restaurant does not disappoint. You may have seen it in Sex and the City: The Movie during the rehearsal dinner scene.

Drinks @ The Standard – After dinner, head to posh The Standard Hotel for a cocktail at the bar.

Brunch @ Pastis – Yummy brunch and always great people watching.

Shopping in SoHo – Check out this SoHo shopping guide with tons of stores to choose from to plan your attack.

Afternoon snack @ Cupcakes by Melissa – These stuffed teeny-tiny cupcakes are so good and make you feel not as guilty eating more than one (or three!).

Dinner at Delicatessen – Great martinis and comfort food. Make sure to try the truffle spinach artichoke dip.

Have drinks while looking at the breathtaking view on the rooftop @ 230 5th Ave.

Brunch @ Calle Ocho – We have 3 words for you: Free Bottomless Sangria. Enough said.

Sex and The City Tour – Yes, it is a tourist attraction, but if you’re a fan of Sex and the City, we hear it’s a blast!

Dinner @ Ilili – The beautiful décor and delicious Mediterranean fare is sure to please.  And, on Sundays you can take advantage of their $38 prix fixe menu.

So what are your favorite NYC spots for a girls weekend? Tell us!

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Stay Healthy Travel and Office Tips

doctorIf you’re a woman on the go, chances are your busy travel schedule can’t stop for the outbreak of H1N1. So in the interest of promoting health and wellness we’ve compiled a few tips we’ve come across to help you avoid those pesky travel and office germs:

1. Sit towards the front of the airplane. Ventilation systems on most commercial aircraft provide better airflow at the front of the plane.

2. Avoid drinking coffee or tea on airplanes. Monitoring by the Environmental Protection Agency has shown that water in airplanes water tanks is not always clean. Coffee and tea is usually made from this water as opposed to bottled. So stick to ordering single serve beverages.

3. Moisturize the inside of your nostrils with saline nasal gel or a good antibacterial (alcohol free) moisturizing cream. It keeps your nose from drying out on the plane and can help trap dust particals and pollutants before they enter your airway.

4. Check out these tips from Dr. Oz on how to keep your pocketbook and make-up santized and nearly germ free.

5. Stack up on your travel size hand sanitizer and use it generously. Keep a bottle on your desk at the office too!

6. Know the facts about H1N1. Learn more here on WebMD

7. This goes without saying, but pack your vitamins and herbs in your carry-on luggage or keep in your desk at work. This time of year we’re loving Airborne and a variety of great teas with plenty of health benefits like Echinacea tea with honey.

Do you have some “stay healthy travel tips” that you use? If so, share them with us! Let’s all stay healthy!

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Traveling in Tuscany

Italy Pics

By Kailei Richardson

This time last week I was vacationing in Tuscany. Rich with amazing culture, delicious food, interesting sights and lots of sun, this was definitely a trip to remember.
The first stop on my Tuscan Tour was Scandicci, a suburb in the hills just a few kilometers outside Florence. I was attending a wedding at the historic Villa Poggio ai Merli, which is also where I stayed. Dating back to 1400, this villa not only had amazing views of surrounding Tuscan hills, but it also was full of olive trees, beautifully landscaped grounds and a relaxing pool. Though so close to Florence, we felt secluded, as though we were the only people on the hill. If you want a wedding in Italy, make sure to check out Villa Poggio ai Merli!

Next up was Viareggio, located on the coast along the Tyrrhenian Sea. Just an hour and a half train ride from and almost directly west of Florence, this resort beach town was buzzing with Europeans on “holiday. “ Most of the Viareggio beaches are private. The good thing is, you get your own chair and umbrella; on the other hand, you have to pay at least $10 per day for them. Viareggio was very relaxing – I definitely felt like I was on vacation there. The food was great and I got my fair share of sun.

The final stop was Florence (Firenze). Being there just reminded me how little we appreciate art and culture compared to Europeans. Granted, we have different histories and Americans did not have royal families to patron the arts, but it was refreshing to see the history of the city so apparent everywhere I went. Just strolling down the street I could see buildings centuries old, breath taking cathedrals, and statues sculpted out of the finest of marbles.
If you ever find yourself in Florence, here are some “must dos”:
•    Though there are numerous galleries and museums in Florence, you must go to the Uffizi— the “Louvre” of Florence. Built in the 1500s, it has not only beautiful art pieces, but it’s also an incredible building.
•    Walk across the Ponte Vecchio – a medieval bridge over the Arno River. This bridge is lined with shops and apparently has a private covered walkway used by the famous Medici family. It was rebuilt twice due to flooding early in the 1000s and was the only Florence bridge not destroyed in World War II.
•    Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral church (known as il Duomo).  The original structure began construction in 1294 and took almost 150 years to build. By climbing over 400 stairs you can see amazing views from the top of the dome, as well as the intricate painting inside the dome.
Eat! Tuscan cuisine is amongst the best in the world, so take advantage of it! Enjoy Italian wine, gelato, pizza, pasta, truffles, and prosciutto (and anything else you can try!).  Made with such fresh ingredients, you won’t be able to resist savoring every morsel.
•   Shop! Florence is known for its leather goods. There is no shortage of well-crafted leather jackets, gloves, handbags and shoes.

Happy Travels!

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Oprah Takes Employees on Mediterranean Cruise

We all know Oprah Winfrey has deep pockets. Here’s an example of how deep those pockets are. As we speak, Oprah, 1700 of her employees, and their families are on a Mediterranean cruise sponsored by Ms. Winfrey costing an estimated $5400 per person. During their trip they will travel to Spain, Turkey, Greece, Italy and Malta. Must be nice!


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Spas that make you say “Spahhhh”

Looking for a spa for your next “pamper me” getaway? Take a look at Conde Nast Traveler’s Hot List Spas 2009. Included in the list are Chi, the Spa in Vancouver, Aman at Summer Palace in Beijing, and the Komaneka Spa in Bali.

If you are looking for a State-side spa, one of our favorites is the Miraval luxury resort and spa in Arizona. When our very own Keesha B. visited there recently, she saw first hand why Oprah loved it there so much!

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