Live Your Dream!

By Kailei R.

Almost two years ago I left Corporate America to follow my dream. For close to 15 years at the time my best friend Keesha and I had talked about how close our passions were aligned and we must be meant to do something big together. I felt like it was the time to take the risk, before having children and getting married, and while I had a little bit of cash in the bank. When I announced it to my friends and my job, I was astounded to find out how many people were envious, awe-stricken even, by my decision. I can’t tell you how many people said “I regret not doing that earlier in my career” or “Do it now and never look back! These golden handcuffs are no joke!” That made me think: do most people have dreams that they do not fulfill? Do most people live their entire lives not doing the things that they love because of other obligations, fear, good money in their other job, etc?
What is refreshing is that it seems like I’m meeting more and more people who have decided to at least try living their dream. Whether they lost their job in the recession, had a spouse who got relocated, or just couldn’t take going into someone else’s company every day, they made the step. As for me, I had to go back to a “day job,” but sometimes things don’t happen the way we expect or within our personal timeframes. I do believe one day that time will come again, but in the meantime, I’m living my dream every time Keesha and I send out the Vyne Weekly or hear positive feedback from all of you regarding The Vyne.
Are you ready to get started? Here are 5 tips to bring you one step closer to living your dreams today:
1)   Soul Search – Do you know what your “passion work” is? If not, take some time to soul search. What do you love to do? What comes easily for you? If you could do something as a career that would make you happy regardless of if or how much you got paid, what would it be?
2)   Research – Once you figure what “it” is, find some people who do that very thing. Search online, investigate into your LinkedIn network. Meeting people who are doing your “passion work” will help you see what you need to do to get started.
3)   Start doing it! Do you love event planning? Find a friend who will let you plan an event for them. Do you love to paint? Paint some pieces and invite people over for a showing. Regardless of your passion, doing it – even if it’s for free at first – can show people what you’re about. Also, establishing a business takes time. By “moonlighting” you can start earning supplementary income that could turn into primary income once the workload and revenue allows you to leave the “day job.”
4)   Get Support! Ask your friends, family, and loved ones for support. There’s nothing like having people you love give you encouragement along the way. Not to mention, the more they hold you accountable for doing what you say you’re going to do, the more likely you will be to do it.
5) Legally set up your business. By making the time and financial investment to get it incorporated, set up as an LLC, etc, you will be official. This will open you up to being able to market your product/service, generate revenue, and receive tax benefits as well.

So tell us, are you living your passion?


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7 responses to “Live Your Dream!

  1. Great tips I’m not living my passion as yet but hopefully soon.

  2. Joseph Richardson

    Dear Kailei & Keesha,

    I am very proud of you both. Understanding your dream, following your dream and living your dream are important at different stages of your lives. Risk assessment, probability of success analysis, preparation and necessity are elements that normally impact our decision to move forward and succeed.

    Stay strong, ma sistuhs and continue to spread the gospel to the masses. You are very influential, highly respected and passionate about your goals and pursuits. Thanks for sharing so much with so many, so often.



  3. Kay

    Great post. I wish you the best in your future endeavors. You definitely can do it, and it is great that you have a passion for this blog as well.

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