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Style Yourself Fabulous!

Photo Courtesy of Wayne Tippetts (Streetstyle Aesthetic)

If you think that you weren’t born with the “Rachel Zoe” or “Marian Kihogo” gene (pictured here) or if finding stylish clothing to fit your shape and personality is near impossible then this article is for you. Styling yourself appropriately can mean the difference between a great first impression or a lasting bad impression. It can sometimes even make or break getting the job you want. So we’ve compiled a few style tips that we’ve picked up over the years that are easy to remember and implement. These tips are sure to help bring out your inner stylista:

Tip #1: Want to rock this season’s hottest fashions without breaking the bank? Instead of investing in expensive clothing items that may not last more than one season, match the season’s latest accessory trends with a classic. For instance, this season pair a plain black dress with colorful suede pumps or a chain necklace.

Tip #2: Though the monochromatic look does work at times, adding a pop of color is a sure way to make a statement with any ensemble. Adding a turquoise necklace to a gray dress, red shoes to an all-black outfit or a colorful belt to a white button down shirt and jeans will make people take notice (and in a good way).

Tip #3: Jackets can be a wardrobe life saver. If you are especially endowed in the bust area or are a plus sized woman, try adding well-cut, structured jackets to your outfits. A well-cut and structured jacket helps to cinch you in much like a nice belt. They can help draw attention away from your trouble zones and towards the other areas of your body or they can simply be the statement piece around which the rest of your outfit is built.

Tip #4: The fit factor is ultra important. If you put on an item of clothing and it tugs, pulls, buckles or feels tight in any area that it shouldn’t then that’s your cue to do one of two things, either go up a size or don’t wear it. Some styles, no matter what size, just won’t fit well on your body and that’s okay. Just try on other shapes until you can isolate which one goes with your body the best, then look for that same shape in other styles, colors, etc.

Tip #5: It’s all about visual interest. When you go to pick out any article of clothing, look for the visual interest. The visual interest is some detail about that garment that makes it special and interesting to look at. For example, it could be really pretty buttons on an otherwise boring button down shirt, or a uniquely cut collar or perhaps even a bit of ruffle detail like this Rebecca Taylor blazer.

Do you have a keen eye for styling yourself? If so, share your stylist tips here.


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Travel Tips for Jet Setters

Now more than ever, women are taking on careers that require them to live and/or travel domestic and abroad on a regular basis. With security measures continuing to tighten, the experience of traveling can sometimes be a bit stressful. So we asked some of our loyal Vyne Readers, who jet set regularly, to share with us their tips that make travel run smoothly and stress free. Take a read and let us know what your travel tips are too!

“I print out my boarding pass at home and check the board for gate changes before [walking through] security. I [also] ask for bottled water (kindly) as I pass through first class.  Then I don’t have to worry about an open cup or when then the flight attendants will serve the drinks.” – Steffanie Edwards, Energy Consultant.

“When I travel internationally, I take advantage of the long flights and sleep!!! If I am not asleep, I make sure I have my iPod, good reading materials and crossword puzzles. Singapore has one of the best [airports]! They are also the best airline (next to Southwest). Every time I travel, it’s an experience and I love it!! If you get a chance to go to Bali, Indonesia, do so!! It is paradise and usually you have to stay overnight in Singapore. I would suggest scheduling your flight from there to Bali later in the day so you can enjoy the beautiful city. [Lastly], if you miss your flight, don’t sweat it – it means you probably needed the time and God had that in your plan.” -Dr. Cheryl Richardson, President, CBR Consulting, LLC

“Pack a lightweight outfit in your carry-on in case luggage is lost. Vacuum sealing clothes is a great option, but rolling (depending on luggage size) may be a better option. If traveling by yourself, send out a call for friends of friends who are locals and may be up for a meet-up. Email a scanned copy of your passport to yourself and a friend in case it gets lost. Always pack a small flashlight. …and talk to strangers.” -Melissa Creary

“Being the lady that I am :-), I always travel with 2 pashminas. I use these as blankets because I wouldn’t dare use those icky plane-provided blankets! I also ensure my carry-on has the essentials: napkins, tissue, ear plugs, eye mask, headphones, socks, hand sanitizer, lotion and snacks. Whew, I think that’s all.” -LeRon McKendrick

My strongest suggestions…pack ahead so you don’t forget anything. Weigh your bag before you get to the airport to avoid overage charges. Become part of the main mileage programs – One World, Star Alliance or Sky Team to ensure you get credit for your travel. All those miles add up to great perks!” -Karen Brown

“ Who has time to fumble with printed itineraries? I don’t. I travel to Antigua once a month and my time is precious. So I use Worldmate. It’s a free application that allows you to log in your trips, shows you the weather for where you’re arriving, allows you to book hotel/cars/etc., gets you great discounts, tells you the terminal where you will arrive, and much more. You can even book meetings and sync it with your outlook calendar. The application is free and is available for blackberry, iphone, nokia, android.” -Lynnise P. Asst Director of Financial Aid

“I recently discovered that if you put your laptop in a microfiber laptop sleeve you don’t have to take it out before putting in the bins to run through security. This way it saves you the step of having to unpack it and it stays protected.” – Veronica R., Marketing Manager

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Know Your Money: Six Basic Tips

Image courtesy of becomingfinanciallysavvy.com/

While we’re certainly not experts like Mellody Hobson or Michelle Singletary, we have picked up a few tips along the way from financially savvy friends of ours that we thought we’d share with you.

1) Between The Sheets…Spreadsheets, that is: If you don’t want to spend $100 on Quickbooks software, try using Microsoft Excel (for Mac or a PC) to create spreadsheets that capture your expenses, income and savings. Microsoft has all sorts of free templates that you can download online. The great thing about them is that they come preloaded with formulas so all you have to do is input your information.

2) To Invest or Not To Invest…That Is The Question: If the extent of your investment knowledge is “buy low sell high” then chances are you’ll appreciate the recommendation to read this book titled “The Little Book That Beats The Market” by Joel Greenblatt. A mentor recommended this book and it’s fabulous. It’s a short, easy read that breaks down investing into the basics. Think of it as finance for non-financials. Flag and highlight the pages so you can easily refer back to the information when you need it.

3) Finance and Cheese: Too often we get together with our girlfriends to share the latest dish on men, work, family drama etc. But when was the last time you got together specifically to learn from one another? If you ask around, chances are you have at least one good girlfriend who majored in finance. So for your next gathering of the girls, make it a “Finance & Cheese” night. Ask your financially savvy girlfriend to be the guest of honor, solicit questions from your guests in advance and provide them to your financially savvy girlfriend so that she can prepare in advance for the gathering. Pop a bottle of good wine, lay out some wonderful cheeses and voila! Instant lunch and learn…or dinner and learn.

4) Direct Your Direct Deposit: In most cases you can have your direct deposit go to multiple accounts. Try setting yours up so that a specified sum of money goes into an interest bearing savings account every two weeks before you even get to see it. It will force you to be disciplined enough to live off less.

5) Set Goals:  Experts used to say you should have 3-6 months worth of salary saved up. Now that the economy is rough, most experts say you should have at least a year of living expenses saved up. This of course requires getting diligent about paying yourself first. While you’re doing this, consider making some head way on other financial goals too like paying off all of your credit cards or consolidating your student loans.

6) One and Done: ATMs are simultaneously a blessing and a curse. The good thing about them is that they make it convenient to get money when you need it. The bad thing about them…is that they make it convenient to get money when you don’t need it. Easiest way to curb your ATM habit is to decide in advance how much “mad money” you need for two week. Get that money from the ATM in one lump sum and don’t visit the ATM again until your two week time period is up. If you have money left over by the time you reach your two week mark then that’s an indication that you took out too much. Adjust your withdrawal for the next time around.

Do you have some money tips to share? Feel free to do so by posting a comment below.

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10 Signs You’re Officially In Your Flirty Thirties

Flirty 30It seems like forever ago when we were first eligible to check the 25-35 age box. After we threw our “flirty thirty” birthday party in New York, I remember us thinking we didn’t feel any different now that we were “older.” But ever since turning the big 3-3 we came to the realization that several elements about life change once you hit your flirty thirties:
1. A Night In with the Girls Beats a Sweaty Club Any Day – In the twenties it was all about the sweat box club. But in the flirty thirties, there’s something about chatting it up with your girls over a good bottle of wine, home cooked cuisine and your comfy clothes that you just can’t beat.
2. Ability to Fake Anything Declines Dramatically– This goes for enduring the annoying co-worker or incompetent boss to the friend you’ve just frankly outgrown or man you’re not really feeling.
3. PMS Kicks in Like Jackie Chan – Who knew the thirties brought with it a rush of unnecessary hormones in the form of three to four days worth of downright agitation, crankiness or crying for no apparent reason?   
4. Feeling Your Independent Streak – The thirties seem to invigorate your desire for independence. You may find yourself traveling for vacation solo or moving to a new place without the safety net of friends and family.
5. Desire to Try New Things – Whether you’ve actually gone through with it or not, there’s no denying that there’s an urge to try things you’ve never done before in your thirties. So far our list includes joining a rowing team, running a half marathon, taking up bikram yoga and doing the master cleanse. Thirty
6. Random New Aches and Pains – When you were in your twenties it was nothing to break out in a sprint up a flight of stairs. In your thirties….not so much. Of course staying in shape has a lot to do with this but if you’ve ever had a knee randomly give out on you while walking or heard your bones crack while performing routine tasks then you know what we mean.
7. Opting for Flats Instead of Heels – There’s something about wearing cheap heels in your twenties that does a number on your feet by the time you hit 30. We still love our heels but nowadays there’s usually a pair of cute flats stuffed in a bag close by.
8. Knowing When to Say When – It’s no coincidence that your thirties is characterized by bold moves whether in your career or your personal life. There’s something about this period that makes you feel more inclined to be decisive about when to put a period to a situation, change course and feel good about moving on.
9. Sleep is a Necessity, Not Optional – Once upon a time four hours of sleep and a shot of “no doze” or a strong cup of Quick Trip coffee was all we needed to get through the day. Such is soooo not the case anymore. Siesta anyone?
10. Coming Into Your Own – If the twenties are about transition then the thirties are truly a time of coming into your own. Understanding yourself as a woman and feeling grounded in who you are is a sure sign that you’re officially in your flirty thirties.
Do you have other signs to add to this list? Post a comment to let us know.


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Stay Healthy Travel and Office Tips

doctorIf you’re a woman on the go, chances are your busy travel schedule can’t stop for the outbreak of H1N1. So in the interest of promoting health and wellness we’ve compiled a few tips we’ve come across to help you avoid those pesky travel and office germs:

1. Sit towards the front of the airplane. Ventilation systems on most commercial aircraft provide better airflow at the front of the plane.

2. Avoid drinking coffee or tea on airplanes. Monitoring by the Environmental Protection Agency has shown that water in airplanes water tanks is not always clean. Coffee and tea is usually made from this water as opposed to bottled. So stick to ordering single serve beverages.

3. Moisturize the inside of your nostrils with saline nasal gel or a good antibacterial (alcohol free) moisturizing cream. It keeps your nose from drying out on the plane and can help trap dust particals and pollutants before they enter your airway.

4. Check out these tips from Dr. Oz on how to keep your pocketbook and make-up santized and nearly germ free.

5. Stack up on your travel size hand sanitizer and use it generously. Keep a bottle on your desk at the office too!

6. Know the facts about H1N1. Learn more here on WebMD

7. This goes without saying, but pack your vitamins and herbs in your carry-on luggage or keep in your desk at work. This time of year we’re loving Airborne and a variety of great teas with plenty of health benefits like Echinacea tea with honey.

Do you have some “stay healthy travel tips” that you use? If so, share them with us! Let’s all stay healthy!

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