Serena Williams’ New Look

Serena recently debuted a fresh new look that has everyone buzzing. According to People Magazine, she had recently undergone “foot surgery.” Looks to us that there may have been another part of her body that went under the knife. Not for nothing, we think it looks great!

What do you think?

Read more about this on the Daily Mail.



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3 responses to “Serena Williams’ New Look

  1. Lynn R.

    Serena has never been a pretty woman. She has always favored a drag queen to me. Perhaps instead of cosmetic improvements, she should have just taken the ragged weave out and opted for a better stylist who can dress her in the right clothes. But if she likes it…

  2. Carol

    I think she looks simply marvelouse, why not look the best you can, also she can afford it. A lot more of tennis and other atheletes can take her que

  3. Lynn

    Serena looks fabulous. Styles change and people change. Keep up the good work Serena!

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