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Desiree Rogers and Buddy Linda Johnson Rice in NYT

Bosom buds Desiree Rogers and Linda Johnson Rice pose together recently for a spread in the New York Times. In the NYTimes.com article entitled “Desiree Rogers, Post Crash,” Desiree talks about the famous “party crashers” incident and some of the soul searching she has done since leaving her White House Social Secretary post. The article also provides some insight into the significance of her new position as CEO of Johnson Publishing, and how she is charged with (virtually) single-handedly changing the culture and saving a publication that is in rapid decline (circulation is down over 6 million over the past 10 years for Ebony and Jet combined, revenues for Johnson Publishing is only 40% of what it was five years ago). Linda Johnson Rice mentioned how she plans to direct Ms. Rogers, “I will let Desirée be Desirée, and all that goes with that.”

If nothing else, Desiree has elevated the relevance and perception of the magazine at least a bit. The article even mentions Anna Wintour calling Desirée “a rock star” and Robin Givhan mentioning on Twitter, “when was the last time Ebony had a front row seat at NY fash week? When did hell last freeze over? Oh I exaggerate!” If anyone can turn this magazine around, it would be Desiree Rogers and we can’t wait to watch every step of the way.

Check out the NYTimes.com article on Desiree Rogers here.

Desirée Rogers, Post Crash


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Desiree Rogers’ New Job

Desiree Rogers and Linda Johnson Rice

Well, we’ve known they’ve needed help for a long time. Johnson Publishing, owners of Ebony and Jet magazine have been struggling in recent years to maintain relevancy and resonance with its titles’ target audiences. Over the past week we’ve heard two pretty huge announcements: Amy DuBois Barnett being named as Editor in Chief, and now former C-level executive and White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers has been brought on as a consultant to help with its corporate strategy.

What do you think – can these experienced, big names revive Ebony and Jet?


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