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Chris Rock’s Good Hair: Love it or Hate it?

This past weekend Chris Rock’s new documentary, Good Hair, debuted. With many people happy that Rock shared this important part of Black women’s lives and others upset at what he revealed, we want to ask you: what did you think?

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The Vyne’s Must Do List!

to-do-list-in-notebookWelcome to the first installment of The Vyne’s: Must Do List! Ten fun and fabulous must do’s to add to your list! 

1. Must see this weekend: Good Hair – Chris Rock

2. Must buy – Favorite under $100 jeans: Gap Sexy Boot cut  

3. Must download (iphone users): Gilt Groupe app  (Not a member? Click here for your invitation)

4. Must make this weekend: Captivate Cooking

5. Must pamper yourself: Spa Week 10/12-18

6. Must gadget: The Flip

7. Must re-read: The Secret

8. Must listen to: “I didn’t know my own strength”  – Whitney Houston

9. Must get active: Zumba class

10: Must give back: Susan G. Komen for the cure


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