Poll: Should Race Be a Factor in Essence’s Hiring?

Last week we heard some news that left many aghast. Essence Magazine had hired a white fashion director, Ellianna Placas, formerly of O: The Oprah Winfrey Magazine. Some feel like it is a magazine for black women by black women. Others feel like we are beyond race and good fashion is good fashion regardless. This news has undoubtedly caused a lot of mixed thoughts. We even saw some mixed reviews on our Facebook Fan Page.

You can check out some of the articles about this here:

So tell us what you think – is this progressive or regressive?

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One response to “Poll: Should Race Be a Factor in Essence’s Hiring?

  1. Internalist

    I don’t mean to offend but I find the poll question to be silly. Race has been the issue since the conception of the Essence magazine.

    This is both progressive AND regressive. Progressive in the sense that (if the hiring process was just and fair) the most qualified person has the job. Hopefully more mainstream magazines/fashion industry will follow suit. At the same time this is regressive because structural institutional racism is still very real. I think that we need to be very clear on our intentions and the overall agenda that exists within a socio-historical context.

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