Six Item Wardrobe

In a time where the economy is weak and people continue to look for ways to simplify their life, it’s not surprising that “shopping diets” are springing up all over. Last month the NY Times did a story about these “diets” and featured one woman who went 31 days with only wearing six items from her closet (excluding accessories, shoes and underwear). The crazy thing is, people didn’t notice – not even her husband!

Sites like Six Items or Less and The Great American Apparel Diet (which asks you to go shopping free for a year!) are dedicated to similar challenges. Which prompted us to ask, could you go a full year without shopping? And, if you could only wear six items in your closet for a month, what would they be? Here are six of our choices:

Black Pants
like this shown in this Calvin Klein Suit

Black Blazer like this shown in this Calvin Klein Suit

Crisp Button Down Shirt (preferably white or a bright color) like this Classic Button Down white shirt from The Limited

Dark Wash Jeans like these Trouser Cut jeans by Banana Republic

Black Dress like this Tahari Seamed Ponte Knit Sheath dress

Good t-shirt (preferably white or a bright color) like this Yellow Jersey T-shirt from the Gap

Take the poll:

Also, tell us what your six items picks would be!



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2 responses to “Six Item Wardrobe

  1. Good points, all these items are interchangeable so you have a new look every day!

  2. Camille

    I love the thought of this and probably could wear the 6 items for a month but I really don’t think I could give up shopping for a year!

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