Is Lauryn Hill Really Making a Comeback?

Lauryn Hill recently sat down for an interview with NPR and talked about many things including her vocal style, why she stopped putting out music and what we’ve all been waiting for……how she plans to get back into the studio. That’s right, though we’ve heard about her “going crazy,” missing shows, showing bazaar behavior on stage, etc, we still remember that amazing female talent in the Fugees, beautiful voice in Sister Act 2, and singer/songwriter phenom of the late 90s. And who can forget the solo album that we could listen to and sing along with from the first song to the last.

So please be serious and really come back this time, Lauryn. We can’t take you playing with our emotions!

Check out the full NPR interview with Lauryn Hill here


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One response to “Is Lauryn Hill Really Making a Comeback?

  1. Rhonda

    OMG!! Fingers crossed that she comes back stronger than ever. I still play my Miseducation of LH album! Xfactor is my song!

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