Stir Up Your Spirit

No matter what religious denomination you are, taking time out of your day to connect with your spirit is a must. Your spirit is that divinely quiet part of you that allows you to remain calm in the face of adversity, that keeps you hopeful and positive about the future, that drives you to take care of yourself and that allows you to love yourself and others. When your spirit is out of whack it throws everything else in your life off balance. With the busy lives that today’s women lead, it’s no wonder we often neglect the daily care and feeding of our spirit. Let’s change that starting today, shall we? Here are a few quick and effective ways to care for your spirit daily.

1)   Get a Partner – I have a dear friend who sends me Joel Osteen’s morning word newsletter each day via email. While I could certainly sign up for it myself, there’s something special about receiving it from her each morning and knowing that we’re both starting the day with a spiritual reflection.

2)   Meditate – Meditating doesn’t have to take hours. You can simply wake up 30 minutes before you normally do and gaze out the window as the sun comes up. The point is to just spend time in deliberate silence, appreciating the moment and taking it in before you start your day. You’d be surprised how well you’ll handle the rest of your day when you start off in a calm state.

3)   Extra, Extra, Read all About It – A great book to help you get back in touch with your spirit through stillness is Eckhart Tolle’s “Stillness Speaks”. Just reading the book makes you feel a sense of spiritual balance.

4)   Ritualize Quiet Moments– The Secret Daily Teachings is a fantastic way to get a quick positive thought to meditate on or to just start your day off right.

5)    Affirmations – Try making up your own affirmations about what you want for your life, how you want to feel, etc. Write them on colored index cards (you can even frame them) and post them in places you’ll see every morning. For instance, your bathroom mirror, the mirror on your dresser, or on your nightstand, etc.

Are you stirring up your spirit each day? If so, let us know how.


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