Enough Already BP!

As of today, the calamity that is the BP oil spill is still yet to be contained. Is it us or is this just down right ridiculous? Between the engineers and the scientists that work for BP, are you telling us that no one….absolutely no one…can figure out how to stop this madness from continuing to pollute our precious bodies of water? It is absolutely unfathomable that this company was allowed to drill without demonstrating that they had a solid, executable contingency plan in place. And not for nothing, but we’ve about had enough of the political pundits trying to blame our fearless President Obama for this oil spill. That is about as ludicrous as blaming him for the exorbitant amount of debt our country is in. Did you get a chance to see James Carville in a completely certifiable rant and rave about how he felt President Obama didn’t move fast enough, when in fact President Obama has made three trips to the gulf since the spill began on April 20, 2010.

Apparently, BP has opened up a suggestion line for people with valid ideas to submit them for consideration. At this point, we should try and consider every viable option. I’ve heard everything from attaching a butterfly valve on the pipe to soaking up the oil with a huge sham-wow. Here’s hoping the latest pipe cutting procedure works but experts say it’s too soon to tell.

So Vyne readers, given the implications of this disaster, have any of you begun to think about how to curb your dependence on oil? At the very least, when it’s time to fill up your tank again, and you see BP…think By Pass!


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