RIP: Gary Coleman Dies at 42

We’re saddened to hear that Gary Coleman, the actor behind the character Arnold, who we all know and love from the 70s-80s sitcom Diff’rent Strokes, has passed away at the age of 42. Throughout his life, Gary had suffered from several medical issues including a kidney disease which caused him to have two kidney transplants when he was younger. Most recently, Gary had reportedly been suffering from seizures, including one he had on the set of The Insider in February. Gary died today from an intercranial hemorrhage after falling in his Utah home on Wednesday.

What tragic stories all of the kids from Diff’rent Strokes have had. Dana Plato who played Kimberly on the show committed suicide in 1999 by overdosing on prescription drugs. Gary’s on camera brother, Todd Bridges has recently shared some of his own set of issues including being molested, selling drugs, battling cocaine, and criminal charges. And beyond medical conditions, Gary’s adult life included other issues including domestic, financial and employment issues.

Though he grew to despise the phrase, we will always be fond of those famous words: “whatchu talkin’ about, Willis?” We hope now he can really Rest in Peace.


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