Spotlight On: Edith Cooper

Edith Cooper

Occupation: Partner at Goldman Sachs leading the hedge fund initiative within the securities division.

Hometown: Raised on Manhattan’s Upper East Side and currently commutes to Wall St. from her home in Connecticut.

Education: Harvard University (undergrad); Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, MBA. Edith went to school at night while working full time.

Family Affair: As a teenager she worked in her father’s 59th St. dental practice.

Childhood Dream: Growing up she envisioned herself one day owning a fashion boutique on Madison Ave.

Banking Bug: Edith was bitten by the banking bug while pursuing her MBA at Northwestern University. She worked full time during the day for First Chicago Bank and went to school at night.

Fast Track: Edith’s career hit the fast track when she joined Goldman Sachs. She started with the firm in 1996, was promoted to Managing Director in 1998 and elevated to partner in 2000.

Family: Edith is married with three children.

Fun Fact: Edith likes to take on the same extracurricular activities as her children. When they signed up for soccer, she joined a team too!

Quotable: Edith had this to say about her approach to work/life balance, “We do not have dinner together as a family during the week,” says Cooper. “I have never been able to do that. But we look forward to dinner on Friday nights and during the weekend, and we all know that it is important to make this happen. We have adapted….[If you measure time at work versus family time] you are going to feel like a horrible mother, and regardless of how successful you are professionally, you will struggle. You will not be as good at home or at the office. However, if you take a broader perspective, you know there will be times when you’re going to be a phenomenal mom, even if it is in the evening or during the weekend. But you also know that to be exceptional at work, giving 150% of what you’ve got, work will need to be a priority at times. Over the course of a week, month, or a year, it balances out.”

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