Happy Birthday to The Vyne Weekly!

The Vyne Weekly's Inaugural Issue - 3/2/09

One year ago we launched The Vyne Weekly and it has been our pleasure to publish it for you each and every week. As we promised you in our inaugural issue, we will continue to celebrate you and your fast paced, uber cultured lifestyle. Not only that, we will continue to introduce you to other fabulous readers like Karissa George, Mitzi Joi Williams, Rakia Reynolds, and Danielle Robinson.

Something that has really kept us motivated has been hearing from you. Thank you for your continued encouragement and kind words:
“I really enjoy reading it every week and learn something new.”
“I love your magazine, I look forward to reading the different articles each week.  Keep up the good work.”
“I love your e-newsletter! I am so proud to be on your mailing list. Continue to shine ladies”
“Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this newsletter over the last year.”
“I just wanted to congratulate you for publishing this magazine every week.  I enjoy reading it. Keep up the good work.”
“So, I’ve been reading your newsletter religiously…love the upcoming Vyne TV…now following you on twitter!  Love love love it!”
“Still loving the newsletter. I read on the tube on the way to work in the mornings…on the small screen on my BB.”

So tell us, Why do you love The Vyne? and What would you like to see more and less of in The Vyne Weekly?



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3 responses to “Happy Birthday to The Vyne Weekly!

  1. Hey this is a great post. I’m going to email this to my buddies. I stumbled on this while surfing for some songs, I’ll be sure to visit regularly. thanks for sharing.

  2. Congrats and have a great weekend.

  3. Allison

    Happy Birthday The Vyne! Thanks for all your weekly tips. Btw, do you have suggestions for me on turning another year older and accepting it with grace?! 😉

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