The Vyne Product Review: Caress Body Wash

Caress was nice enough to send their new Evenly Gorgeous body wash for us to try out. Note: though it was a freebie, they didn’t pay us for our review. So, as always, we promise our honest opinion.

The Product: Caress Evenly Gorgeous Body Wash (part of the Caress Skin Wear Collection)

Look and Feel: Contoured and transparent bottle making it easy to handle in the shower and easy to see when you’re running low; Super thick and fragrant

Why We’re Lathering It: We recently conducted a product test, as we sometimes do, and are happy to report we’re loving lathering up with this new body wash. First of all, the fragrance is fantastic. It’s made with burnt brown sugar and karite butter so it smells like a decadent sweet vanilla bouquet. It’s a perfect relaxation fragrance before calling it a night. It lathers up quickly, with or without a puff, and is even thick enough to double as a “make shift” shave gel if you’ve run out. Although we can’t say for certain if our skin tone is any more even than when we started (per the product claims), what we can say is that this body wash has gentle exfoliating properties and leaves your skin feeling moist.

Cons: If you use a puff or bathing gloves, you won’t get the full benefits of the exfoliation, but the thick lather may still be worth it.

Price Point: $uper cheap at a retail price of approximately $7

Recommendation: If you’re brand loyal to other body washes but are looking to try a new one to add into the rotation, give this one a try!


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