7 Year Old Carnival Queen: Culturally Ok or No Way?

Dance has long been a richly celebrated aspect of cultures of African descent. It’s not uncommon for children in these cultures to grow up learning and practicing the dances of their culture. Despite this well known fact, child’s rights advocates in Rio De Janiero, Brazil are outraged by the selection of  Julia Lira, a third grade girl, who was recently chosen to represent her dance school, Viradouro Samba, and lead the drum corps as the Carnival Queen this year. The outrage is fueled by the fact that the role is traditionally reserved for female models who tend to be dressed and dance in what some say is an overtly sexual manner. Julia’s father, who is the president of her samba school, says she is a talented dancer and her presence will bring a fresh, innocent spirit to the carnival. Watch the video below and let us know what you think Vyne readers, culturally ok or no way?


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