Day to Night Tops

We’ve all been there. We’ve have a big meeting at work, requiring us to wear a conservative suit, and have drinks or dinner with friends afterward. And we ask ourselves, “do I bring a change of clothes?,” “do I go home to change?” Don’t fret! Wear one of these tops under your blazer and after work, take the blazer off and put on some fun jewelry. Voila! You have changed the tone of your outfit in an instant.

1. NY & Company Printed Ruffle Blouse
2. Pink Tartan Polka Dotted Silk Blouse
3. Diane von Furstenberg ‘Lindella’ Ruffled Silk Top
4.Royal Underground Butterfly-print Top
5. MICHAEL Michael Kors Sleeveless Dot Print Top



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3 responses to “Day to Night Tops

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  2. I just found your blog unexpectedly from the search engine. First time I saw it, I know it’s a very informative blog. I got so many something new from here. Good work and thanks for that!

  3. Do you accept guest posts? I would love to write couple articles here.

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