What’s Old is New Again: Recession Friendly Decorating Tips

By Melissa Bowman

Are you looking for ways to brighten and change up some areas around your home? Below are a few budget friendly tips that are easy to execute and sure to give your shelves and walls some new pizazz.

  1. Display last season’s handbag or an evening shoe as the cute and unexpected. We all have shoes that we rarely wear or an adorable little handbag that most never see. (If you don’t give one of your friends a call, as I’m sure she could loan something out to you.) Consider displaying some of this rarely seen fabulous finds as the new decorative item on a bookshelf, wall, or space above a set of cabinets.
  2. Use old wall calendars or holiday cards as pictures for a frame. Most cards will fit nicely in a 5×7 frame, so no cutting is necessary.  You may, however, have to shrink down the calendar picture on a copy machine in order to fit an existing frame.
  3. Frame old wrapping paper or fabric swatches. Like the tip above, you may have to do some cutting to make this work. You can also layer a few fabric swatches in order to fill the space in your frame.
  4. Fill clear bottles with items you may already have around the house. Here are a few items that will look great in a glass bottle or vase: red pepper flakes, hair beads, classic #2 pencils, coffee, tea, sunflower seeds, paper clips, dry beans, ribbon or old crayons. You can also pick up the glass bottles at a local discount or second hand store.

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