2010: The Movement

At the end of each year, Kailei and I meditate on what we want to manifest and come to fruition in our lives throughout the coming year. For us, it’s an exercise in waiting on divine inspiration to hit us. When it does hit us, we declare a theme for the year based on that inspiration and then we share it with all our friends. So this year’s theme is, 2010: The Movement.

If you have been waiting on divine intervention to move you physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually out of the rut you were in, then 2010 is your year. This is the year when each and every one of us will see our passions, goals, desires and dreams move into place for us. 2010 is the year where you get off that broken record of negativity, doubt, fear and anxiety and move into a place of positive, affirmative, confident and healthy thinking. This is the year your life takes up a ground swelling, tidal wave of blessings that move you into a place overflowing  with the achievement you’ve been waiting for, celebrations you didn’t expect, peace that radiates around you and happiness in all the areas of your life. 2010 is The Movement…and The Movement is YOU!


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  1. Brittany

    I LOVE THIS! I feel so inspired!

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