Successful, Single, Black Female Nightline Segment

The story of the number of single, successful, black women has now made the mainstream media — as a news segment on Nightline. Though many of us have experienced it, talked about it, and read about it, seeing the staggering statistics is still tough: 42% of black women have never been married — double the # of white women. Ouch.

Feel free to watch the Nightline segment and read the article. Then tell us what you think. Could you relate or are you sick of seeing/hearing another story about this?



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2 responses to “Successful, Single, Black Female Nightline Segment

  1. AnonyMiss

    What bugs me is that everyone keeps talking about how black women are single but no one wants to discuss the reasons why.

  2. SBF

    Interesting piece and I agree we shouldn’t have “over the top” standards. But why…why, oh why are we looking to Steve Harvey for relationship advice??? I’m having a hard time swallowing that one. No disrespect, i’m just saying….

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