Should Desiree Rogers be Blamed for the Party Crashers?

Desiree Rogers, White House Social Secretary, is certainly getting some heat after the Tareq and Michaele Salahi party crashing incident. Many are saying that she or her staff should have stayed at their post throughout the night checking people in, others say that the Secret Service should have been more responsible that evening, ensuring everyone was cleared to attend. Though the Secret Service Chief took the blame yesterday, Desiree may still be required to testify.

Though it is understandable that she may be questioned given the risk the incident presented, it’s sad that the media is really trying hard to put her in a bad light (and so far has been unsuccessful). When a recent Chicago Tribune article, tried to question her background, it was so evident that they were reaching, it was almost sad. The article had the subtitle of “White House makes clear it’s standing by the former Republican.” Was her former political affiliation really relevant, Chicago Tribune? Really? In the article they also mentioned that while president of People’s Gas, the company was sued for “massive fraud.” Sounds serious, but they couldn’t dig out much from it to indicate she had any questionable activities. So what do you think, do you think she should be the blame?

On another note, while doing a google search I found Michaele Salahi’s Facebook page. However, it wasn’t her personal page, it was her Fan Page! Can someone please tell me why this woman has a Facebook Fan page that started prior to the dinner scandal?



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2 responses to “Should Desiree Rogers be Blamed for the Party Crashers?

  1. i read an interesting piece my maureen dowd in the new york times yesterday.

    “Instead of standing outside with a clipboard, eyeballing guests as Anne Hathaway did in “The Devil Wears Prada,” Desirée was a guest at the dinner, the center of her own table of guests, just like the president and first lady.”

    “Even before the Salahis swept in preening, the Obama staffers were there preening, standing around celebrating themselves.”

    um, being at the door is part of her job, isn’t it? entertaining her own guests at a state dinner is not. i don’t think she should be the only one to take a hit in this pseudo-scandal but she should check herself and make sure she’s aware of her responsibilities.

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