Chris Brown: Too Soon for Prime Time?

Chris BrownBy Kailei Richardson

On Grammy night, February 8, 2009 we learned about the horrific events the night before which left Rihanna looking like this. We were all shocked when we discovered that her wounds came from then boyfriend Chris Brown, talented performer and media darling. Throughout the subsequent months we learned the details of the alleged brutal abuse and Chris Brown ultimately received his sentence.

It has now been a little over eight months. Rihanna has been seen looking fabulous lately, traveling the world and filming her new videos. Chris Brown, though somewhat silent for a while, resurfaced with an apology video and just recently announced his “Fan Appreciation” comeback tour. I’m sorry, but when I hear radio personalities publicize his upcoming performances, see him happily hanging out with friends, or read that he’s recording new music, my stomach cringes. All I can see is the image of Rihanna’s battered face etched in my memory. Though some may argue that he received his sentence and is paying the price for what he did, I can’t help but wonder: how long is long enough to stay out of the “limelight” after something so serious?
What do you think?


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One response to “Chris Brown: Too Soon for Prime Time?

  1. Karen

    It is definitely too soon for him to be out there. Him having a concert tour so soon is despicable!

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