Purse Essentials

Purse EssentialsEvery smart woman’s purse should contain not only her phone and makeup, but also some essentials to keep her prepared on the go. Here are some of our favorites that are sure to be your favorites too!

1. Luxe Noir Bling Compact Mirror: Whether to make sure you don’t have broccoli in your teeth or to put on an extra coat of gloss, you must have a mirror in your purse.
2. Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets: Do you have oily skin or have some T-zone action going on? These are great to blot the shine without messing up your makeup.
3. MAC Matte: This stuff is amazing. As an alternative to the oil absorbing sheets, with MAC Matte, all you do is put this on under or over makeup and like magic your skin is immediately “mattefied”!
4. Multi-Talented Multiform Pen: You never want to get caught without a writing utensil. And why pull out a Bic when you can have one that makes a statement?
5. Diario Italian Leather Journals: Being prepared to write down that next big idea or a contact’s phone number is so important. These leather journals are so small that they won’t weigh down your purse.
6. Colgate Wisp: Imagine you just ate corn on the cob and garlic short ribs. Your gum may not do the trick, but Wisps probably will. These mini  toothbrushes with “freshening bead” gets the food out of your teeth and freshens your breath!



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2 responses to “Purse Essentials

  1. anonymous

    I love these!

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