Angela Logan: Mortgage Apple Cake to the Rescue!

Logan's Mortgage Apple Cake

Logan's Mortgage Apple Cake

We may not be in a full blown depression but times are definitely hard for most Americans these days. Articles with advice from experts on how to financially tighten our belts are springing up everywhere. The stock market has yet to really stabilize and images of “tent cities” and abandoned homes are hard to ignore. So to give you some encouragement we thought we’d share this inspiring story about Angela Logan who found a silver lining amidst her stormy financial cloud.

Angela is a 55 year old mother to three sons and has been a resident of Teaneck, NJ in her home for 20 years. Recently, she and her family were hit with two unexpected expenses. The first was the result of a botched home repair project to mend damage sustained during a storm and the second was the closing of an agency where Angela previously worked that owed her money. Despite these set-backs, the mortgage was due and Angela needed to find a way to raise the money for a payment of $2500 before she could take advantage of the mortgage assistance programs offered through the Obama administration. Her salary as a substitute teacher was not going to be enough. Like so many Americans, Angela was in danger of loosing her home. That is, until she came up with the idea to bake apple cake using a recipe her grandmother taught her as a child in Atlanta. She began socializing to friends, family and classmates at Bergen Community College that she was baking and selling apple cake to raise money for a mortgage payment. That’s when the orders started rolling in. So much so that she had too many orders to handle in her home kitchen. Thanks to the Hilton Hotel in Hasbrouck Heights, N.J. and Josh Kaye, founder and president of Bake Me A Wish, a not-for-profit bakery that sells scrumptious goodies for charitable causes, Angela was allowed to use their approved kitchens and facilities to bake and ship her cakes nationwide. Needless to say, her mortgage payment has been taken care of and now Angela and Bake Me A Wish are paying it forward by giving a portion of the proceeds to others in need.  Check out Angela on MSNBC.


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