What’s Your Soundtrack?

EarbudsHave you ever been driving in your car and heard a song come on the radio that just made you feel good? One that makes you start smiling, singing along and having flash backs of a great time in your life. Music is funny that way, isn’t it? It has a powerful way of impacting and influencing emotions. For decades, music has been a well researched and empirically supported means of achieving therapeutic progress in individuals having trouble expressing or navigating their emotions. So if you’re feeling like you could use an emotional “tune”-up try making your own soundtrack! Here are a few timeless tunes in rotation on our playlists:

1.) “I know you, I live you” – Chaka Khan

2.) “Supastar” – Floetry

3.) “Private Party” – India Aire
4.) “Let’s Groove Tonight” – Earth Wind and Fire
5.) “I decided” – Solange
6.) “One of those Days” – Whitney Houston
7.) “Let Your Hair Down” – Dwele
8.) “September” – Kirk Franklin
9.) “Waiting on the world to change” – John Mayer
10.) “Sunday Morning” – Maroon 5

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