Roland Martin on CNN: “Holla”??

Roland Martin

Roland Martin

If you’re an avid watcher of CNN then you know Campbell Brown is out on maternity leave and that Roland Martin has stepped in to host her popular show, “No Bias, No Bull”. Roland does what he does best, bringing energy and candor to each panel discussion. But he also brought something else…slang and a playlist of R&B music from Mary J. Blige to Maxwell. It seems in an attempt to make the show his own, Roland has chosen to integrate a variety of R&B music between each segment to groove to while coming back from commercial breaks. And if that weren’t enough to let you know there’s a new sheriff in town, he’s chosen to end each show with a hardy and in unison “Holla!!” by him and the panelists. I was with you on the music Roland…but “holla”?? Seems a bit extra. What do you think?



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2 responses to “Roland Martin on CNN: “Holla”??

  1. I ended my radio show with holla, why not TV?

  2. Tony Jones

    I guess it is ok when I’ve heard CEOs and other figures of power use “bling-bling” and “benjamins”…but not when Roland uses “Holla”. One day we will realize that “slang” is becoming part of our everyday language. If we have a problem with “holla”, please tell everyone in the media to stop using other terms like “sista-girl”, “brotha” and “dap”!

    Keep up the good work, Roland!

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