Treat Your Hair With Organic Products



Why does hair seem to be at the root of many black women’s beauty dilemmas (pun intended)? We not only put exorbitant time and effort into our tresses, but also endure scalp burns and pain in the process. Though many women have opted for natural hair to avoid the chemical effects, others have opted for natural and organic relaxers instead.

PHYTO (pronounced “fee-toe”) is a French company started by stylist Patrick Alès. Their mission is to focus on using botanical and plant-based sources for their premium line of products. Their line, PhytoSpecific, was created especially for the needs of black hair care. And yes, they even have a relaxer made from egg and soya molecules that is odorless (and rumored to be Oprah’s relaxer of choice)! Check out these articles from The Washington Post and All About the Pretty blog.

From the March 2nd issue of The Vyne Weekly


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