Harlem Heights – What do you think?

A couple weeks ago BET launched Harlem Heights, its new reality series featuring attractive, upwardly-mobile 20-somethings living in Harlem. With a huge product integration deal from J&J and lots of shots of local hot spots, Harlem Heights has often been compared to MTV’s The Hills.

Now that it has been on for a couple weeks, we want to know what you think about BET’s attempt at showing the “young black elite.” Do you think Harlem Heights is win for BET? Do you think it is a positive portrayal of Black America? Let us know your thoughts!



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2 responses to “Harlem Heights – What do you think?

  1. Anonymous

    While I’m glad to see another facet of black life, I have to say, between the product placement and the obvious scripting I’m having a hard time actually liking this show. I wanted to like at least one of the people on the show but they all seem so obviously contrived that I can’t even connect to them. I’ll keep watching out of gp, but it’s a shame I can’t actually enjoy it…

  2. Well for me the show started out rather slow. I kept waiting for something exciting to happen and then the drama started with Brooke and Christian. When that episode aired I had to watch it probably 6 or 7 times. I couldn’t believe they were kissing at Ashlie’s job. Although, I like the way Ashlie dismissed Christian afterwards.

    Even though it was foul what Brooke and Christian did to Ashlie I still like them together. I like Brooke. I like the show and I will encourage my friend and family to watch.

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